Hiring – Director of Operations [Interim]

BHER position – Director of Operations [12 months]

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The Business/Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) is looking for a key role to support a fast-paced, growing organization. This position will operationalize BHER’s robust, data-driven picture of the intersection of talent, skills and Canada’s economic future, as well as help communicate our ideas on how Canada can navigate the changing world of work.

We’re looking for someone with the capability to keep us organized, lead a team, and develop a performance culture.

As a member of the BHER team, you will work directly with BHER’s Executive Director to ensure our organization has true impact. A knack for business and logistics issues, strategic insight into growing a not-for-profit, an understanding of our operating environment, and a passion for post-secondary education and the future of Canada’s workforce are the most important factors in a successful candidate.


One year with the possibility of continued employment within BHER.

40 hours per week, with limited weekend and evening requirements. Some travel may be required.

Start date: Prior to January 1, 2020 preferred.


  • $90,000 – $110,000, flexible with experience
  • Health and benefits
  • A key role leading growing organization with a committed focus on employee professional development
  • National-level leadership profile.


Toronto / Ottawa [Flexible]


November 17, 2019


Internal operations

  • Lead onboarding and HR functions for staff;
  • Coordinate the annual operations plan and budget;
  • Oversee the technical needs of the organization (including spaces, website and technical infrastructure)
  • Coordinating governance issues
  • Establishing employment and administrative policies and procedures for all functions and for the day-to-day operation
    of the non-profit;
  • Handle members’ meetings and other BHER events; and
  • Supervise staff.Communication
  • Responsible for overseeing BHER digital and media strategy;
  • Overseeing news releases, op-eds and speeches for BHER staff; and
  • Finalizing and supporting publication of BHER products such as reports and presentations.Policy agenda
  • Support the Executive Director and members of the BHER team in their leadership roles.
  • Alongside other staff, develop and support BHER’s broader policy agenda; and
  • Represent BHER at events.


  • Previous operations experience or experience overseeing business functions in an organization.
  • Experience with enterprise-level operational transition, such as a re-brand, movement from one financial institution to another, or major vendor overhauls.
  • Public speaking, writing and communications.
  • Comfort navigating a start-up environment.
  • Must be able to legally work in Canada.



The Business/Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) represents some of Canada’s largest companies and leading post-secondary institutions. BHER harnesses the strengths of some of Canada’s top businesses, universities and colleges to deepen collaboration and improve opportunities for Canadians. Learn more at www.BHER.ca.

Interested in the role? Please send a copy of your cover letter and CV to Isabelle.Duchaine@bher.ca.