Senior Product Development Manager


The Business/Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) has an immediate opening for a Senior Product Development Manager to support the implementation of its Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Strategy. 

The role will focus on developing and promoting tools and resources for stakeholder organizations across the country in order to deliver on BHER’s mandate to improve the Canadian WIL ecosystem and provide 44,000 WIL placements over the next two and a half years. 

The successful applicant will work with a team of WIL strategy staff at BHER to develop tools and resources tailored towards the needs of employers across the country. The completed tools and resources will be predominantly web-based and reflect a combination of existing knowledge (to avoid duplication) and new, innovative approaches to sharing knowledge on WIL. The information to be shared will include, for example, information on the return on investment from work integrated learning for employers, how to access funding opportunities for WIL, training for employers and their employees that supports the use of WIL in the workplace, accessing students to engage in work integrated learning, and brokering knowledge on the latest developments in the WIL ecosystem.       

The Senior Product Development Manager will also promote BHER’s value proposition to employers and post-secondary education institutions that the tools and resources will help to ensure employers can be optimally prepared for using WIL to address their business needs – needs that include facing an increasing pace of innovation, disruptive new technologies and rising global competition. 

The successful candidate will also play a key knowledge brokering role in showcasing BHER’s success stories to various stakeholders.

As a member of the BHER team, you will:

  • Work directly with BHER’s Director of Work-Integrated Learning. 
  • Enjoy working as part of a dynamic team in a growing organization. 
  • Be willing to work on other specific tasks as required as part of BHER’s growth and development.



40 hours per week, with very limited weekend and evening requirements. Some travel may be required. 


Start date: February 2020.



Between $80-90,000 annually

Benefits package available

Performance bonuses may be considered





  • Play a lead role in the development of BHER’s tools and resources for work integrated learning.
  • Interface and liaise with BHER stakeholders as required, to support tool and resource development.
  • Work with, and manage, staff to develop work integrated learning tools and resources.
  • Conduct and oversee environmental scans to identify existing tools and resources that can be applied or adapted to BHER’s WIL resources.
  • Play a lead role in working with BHER’s website developers to create a WIL portal for tools and resources.
  • Establish criteria and evaluate existing tools and resources for WIL that could be used by BHER.
  • Develop new web-based tools for the WIL ecosystem.
  • Develop out the knowledge brokering role that BHER needs to adopt in order to be an effective knowledge leader in the WIL ecosystem.   
  • Develop BHER’s internal capacity to be thought leaders in the WIL ecosystem. 
  • Play a central role in supporting the WIL communications and engagement strategies.
  • Act as an ambassador of BHER.
  • Keep abreast of current knowledge of regional industries and sectors, including current events, innovations, regulatory issues and key contacts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of changing skills and talent needs in a dynamic WIL ecosystem, and maintain ongoing insights into employers’ business needs and skills gaps.
  • On occasion, use effective communication skills to present and conduct speaking engagements on BHER’’s tools and resources, the WIL Strategy and BHER more generally.
  • Other tasks as identified by the CEO of BHER and the Director of the WIL Strategy. 



  • Post-secondary education.
  • Three years experience in the WIL ecosystem.
  • Extensive experience in the communications field.
  • Experience with web-based communication, tools and resources. 
  • Experience with conducting and interpreting research.
  • Experience managing staff.
  • Effective public speaking, writing and communication skills.
  • Comfort working in a start-up environment.
  • Must be able to legally work in Canada.


February 18, 2020



Please submit your application for the position to

Please include names of three references (including contact information).



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