Cleaner water in the works, thanks to Algonquin College students

Four Algonquin College students have tackled a complex environmental issue affecting the Muskrat Lake Watershed. On Dec. 6, Algonquin College’s Waterfront Campus in Pembroke held an Applied Research Day to give students in the Environmental Technician (E-Tech) Program the opportunity to showcase their work.

The teams of young researchers worked with farmers, property owners, local contractors and a team of experts to implement strategies to address issues, including flooding, that affect the area. Students helped install tile drain structures, designed an advanced weather monitoring station, planted streamside trees and shrubs, rested water and soil, and developed a research plan for 2017.

“The idea of these projects is because these students are going to be working in the community and working outdoors, these types of projects give them that experiential learning on really unique projects and allows them to work with real community partners,” said Julie Sylvestre, project manager with the Office of Applied Research and Innovation at Algonquin College.

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News Date: December 6, 2016