Fighting cyber security with the world’s most famous computer

Co-op students from the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Engineering join a year-long research project with IBM to improve cyber security. Students work closely with the company’s security experts and the IBM Watson computer. They teach the cognitive computer platform the nuances of security research findings and how to discover patterns and evidence of hidden cyber attacks and threats.

It is a unique learning opportunity for students as they are the first in the world to gain hands-on experience in the emerging field of cognitive security while working with IBM’s famous artificial intelligence, Watson.

“Waterloo is renowned for its unique system of education that equips students with real-world experiences as they pursue their academic careers, both through co-op work experiences as well as exposure to new research. We are delighted that IBM is giving Waterloo students a valuable opportunity to explore the state of the art at the intersection of machine learning and cybersecurity,” said professor Manoj Sachdev, chair of the University of Waterloo’s department of electrical and computer engineering.

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News Date: December 17, 2016