Student interns from Microsoft Vancouver come together and experiment

University students studying computer science, design & human computer interaction, and related fields join Microsoft Vancouver for a 16 week internship like no other as part of Microsoft’s Garage Internship Program.

The intensive program centers on building apps for Microsoft’s newest platforms and devices and is described as an official outlet for experimental projects for Microsoft. Interns are armed with the latest tools and tactics needed to define, design and develop apps for Microsoft’s latest mobile, wearable and cloud platforms. They collaborate with Microsoft’s professional engineers, designers, program managers and each other to bring an app to life.

Students are empowered to work together to bring ideas to life by brainstorming, debating, designing, coding, debugging, optimizing and ultimately shipping their apps for the world to use.

For more information on the program, visit Microsoft Vancouver’s site

News Date: June 14, 2016