SAIT Polytechnic adopts first-of-its-kind 3D learning

SAIT polytechnic has recently adopted 3D simulated learning for many of its programs and apprenticeships. 120 students studying Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and over 2,500 apprentices enrolled in the Electrician Apprenticeship trade are exploring course curriculum through a 3D simulated environment. 3D learning has been described as the future of learning and has already received positive feedback from students and instructors.

“When you have the ability to make right and wrong choices, and there are consequences because of those choices, there’s this personal challenge to beat your best score,” says Curriculum Coordinator, Wilf Schlitt. “It’s what I call accidental learning — students feel like they’re playing a game, but they’re actually learning a lot.”

Simulated learning allows students to experience diverse and dangerous scenarios they would otherwise only experience in the field. Simulated learning is delivered online, giving students unlimited access to potential scenarios.

To learn more about SAIT’s apprenticeship programs, watch this video

News Date: May 7, 2014