WIL in Action: Checking in with BHER’s Interns

In May 2019, the Business/Higher Education Roundtable welcomed Liam Daher and Julia Göllner as our inaugural student interns. Liam and Julia were hired for the summer term, their portfolios structured to assist BHER in achieving its policy, communications, and business development goals. 

BHER seeks to support young Canadians as they transition from education to the workplace, strengthen collaboration between industry and institutions, and help Canadian employers as they adapt to the economy of the future. Students lie at the core of BHER’s purpose and hiring students is essential in staying true to our mandate and mission as an organization. Providing students with an opportunity to develop their professional skillset and cultivate their interests through a work integrated learning experience is something that BHER believes to be very important, and providing our own interns with that experience has been a priority this summer.

When Liam and Julia were hired, we told you we would be checking in with them to see how their internships were going. Let’s see how they are doing.



“My experience as BHER’s Policy and Business Development intern has been both dynamic and engaging. My role involves supporting BHER’s operational and business development goals while working on our signature initiative – to drive a national WIL strategy. Being a part of this process has permitted my exposure to what is involved when an organization is expanding its physical and technological infrastructure. Additionally, I have developed an understanding of what a stakeholder engagement process entails for an advocacy or membership-driven organization”…

“With an undergraduate background in Business (accounting) and Economics, much of my coursework has involved quantitative analysis. Working with BHER has not only given me the opportunity to apply the analytical skills I already possessed, but has allowed me to see how the theoretical principles explored in core business courses operate in practice. Moreover, this experience has sharpened my ability to work and communicate in a fast-paced environment. I look forward to what the rest of the summer has in store and to working closely with the BHER team.”



“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as the BHER Policy and Communications intern. My role involves tasks such as writing briefs, research, editing policy, social media management, press release writing, and developing the general communications strategy for BHER. In the past month, I have learned a considerable amount about the way in which an organization manages communication and messaging”…

“As an undergraduate student in history and politics, I have spent four years developing my communication skills, critical thinking, and public speaking abilities. In terms of co-curricular involvement, I have enjoyed participating in student politics and organizing campaigns. This role has enabled me to transform what I have learned on campus into tangible professional skills. I am incredibly fortunate for this work-integrated-learning experience, and look forward to another two months with BHER.”

News Date: July 3, 2019