As part of its role to share best practice and build networks of collaboration between industry and higher education, the Business + Higher Education Roundtable develops and commissions reports by some of Canada’s premier thinkers. This research guides the Roundtable’s policy work, helping provide advice to members and governments about fostering cooperation between employers and educators.

Investing in a Resilient Canadian Workforce: Business Council of Canada Skills Survey 2020

New technologies, demographic shifts and global volatility are just a few of the forces affecting workplaces around the globe. 

Canadian employers are responding to the rapid pace of change by looking for ways to build

Remarks to the Standing Committee on Finance – Pre-Budget Consultations

Delivered by Valerie Walker, Executive Director, Business/Higher Education Roundtable

Mr. Chair, committee members, thank you for inviting me here today.

The Business/Higher Education Roundtable – BHER, for short – brings together the leaders of
some …

2019 pre-budget submission

Across the country, an unprecedented coalition of educators and employers have come together to ensure that Canada has the most highly skilled and productive work force in the world.

We believe that the most efficient …

Navigating change: 2018 Business Council Skills Survey

Canadian employers are working harder and spending more to recruit recent post-secondary graduates in an increasingly competitive labour market, a new report indicates. The findings are based on responses from 95 of Canada’s largest companies. …

Jobs, skills and the future of work — who’s saying what?

Will robots take all of the jobs? What kind of skills will employers need in 2027? How can people react to changing employment trends?

For the last few years, Canadian policy experts, thought leaders and …

Taking the pulse of work-integrated learning in Canada: supplementary report

This summary report outlines the main findings of Academica’s report on work-integrated learning in Canada.…

Taking the pulse of work-integrated learning in Canada: full report

The full report outlines the current state of work-integrated learning in the Canadian context, including providing a definition, best practices, outcomes and preliminary numbers of students enrolled in WIL programs.…

Developing Canada’s Future Workforce

To compete in an interconnected and global marketplace, Canadian companies require an increasingly strong and skilled workforce. However, a lack of comprehensive labour market data, particularly on employment trends and skill requirements, makes it difficult …