Through the partnership of business and academic leaders, the Business/Higher Education Roundtable has launched a series of initiatives targeted at supporting young Canadians as they move from school to work, strengthening research collaboration between industry and institutions, and helping Canadian employers as they adapt to the economy of the future. Initiatives focus on tackling specific programs, bringing together the expertise of Roundtable members to develop and scale-up projects.

Jobs and skills for the new economy

Canada needs skills of all kinds to remain competitive in the global economy. Through expanding work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities like co-ops and internships, capstone projects and career mentorship programs, the Roundtable hopes to provide hands-on learning and career-boosting opportunities for new graduates. For the first stages of the project, Roundtable members are partnering in pilot areas such as cybersecurity, financial services and advanced manufacturing, which are critical to the future health of Canada’s economy.

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Research and innovation in the 21st century

Canadian-led research drives innovation, strengthens the economy and improves the quality of life for all Canadians. By building bridges between the invigorating research done at post-secondary institutions and the research happening within the private sector, the Roundtable will help Canada’s world-class researchers collaborate to answer long-standing questions and fuel healthy economic growth.

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