Jobs and Skills for the New Economy

Canada needs skills of all kinds to remain competitive in the global economy. By expanding work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities such as co-ops, internships, capstone projects and bootcamps, BHER hopes to provide hands-on learning and career-boosting opportunities for new graduates. For the first stages of the project, BHER members are partnering in pilot areas critical to the future health of Canada’s economy, including the financial services, mining, construction and advanced manufacturing.

Research and Innovation in the 21st Century

Canadian-led research drives innovation, strengthens the economy and improves the quality of life for all Canadians. By building bridges between post-secondary institutions and the private sector, BHER will help Canada’s world-class researchers answer long-standing questions and fuel healthy economic growth.


Business and post-secondary leaders celebrate major investments in preparing students for the workforce

Thousands of Canadian students will find the pathway from the classroom to the workforce much easier to navigate, thanks to a major commitment by Toronto region businesses and post-secondary institutions. Earlier today, leading financial services companies, universities and colleges announced an ambitious plan to provide 10,000 work-integrated learning placements by the end of 2020.


A joint initiative from 10 …

Algonquin College and Shopify announce new program making experiential learning a priority

As reported by Algonquin College

Ottawa — Algonquin College and Shopify are pleased to announce a partnership that brings students into the future of commerce and design.

Sixty third-year Algonquin College Graphic Design students from the School of Media and Design will be receiving hands-on training in a pilot course that provides experiential learning opportunities at Shopify’s company headquarters. As …



We must do more now to prepare young people for the future of work

On Vancouver Island, TimberWest is searching for foresters who can harvest data as well as trees. In Alberta, Suncor is …


Building WIL programs isn’t an exercise in corporate philanthropy – it’s a smart way for businesses to get ahead

Apprenticeships, co-ops, internships or field placements. Applied research projects, service learning, bootcamps and hackathons. Call it experiential learning, out of …


Work-integrated learning: it’s just good business

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