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Calgary Economic Development (CED) is a conduit, connector, catalyst, and storyteller for the city of Calgary. Promoting Calgary as the location of choice for people, investment, and business, CED’s work is rooted in positioning Calgary for long-term economic success and shared prosperity for all. 

In collaboration with Calgary’s post-secondary institutions and local employers, CED will be running a series of innovative work-integrated learning opportunities, including in-class industry projects, hackathons, competitions, simulations and boot camps, to provide students with foundational green skills needed for bridging into the labour market. These experiences will help students develop the skills they need to thrive within workplaces focused on net-zero goals, as well as in a range of other industries. Through these experiences, students will have the opportunity to engage with industry mentors and coaches,  who can offer students guidance on skill development as they consider career opportunities.

This initiative will also support employers in engaging with local talent pipelines, to develop student skills and awareness of employment opportunities in the net-zero sectors, and in other in-demand fields. Industry partners will be involved in the development and conceptualization of the projects, boot camps, simulations and competitions which will allow them to define the skills development that align to their future talent needs.

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