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Toronto Metropolitan University's (TMU) Department of Architectural Science (DAS) aims to solve real-world problems through design and building expertise. It is the only school in Canada with a unique interdisciplinary model that integrates architecture, building science, and project management.

Through a renewed partnership with BHER, TMU aims to provide diverse WIL experiences for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction students that will develop their skills, networks, and portfolio of work. The project will offer design-building initiatives, mentored experimental and design charettes, and professional development programming with industry role models to ensure all students gain more experience and expand their portfolio of work to transition into professional practice.

With a focus on flexible and innovative WIL models, students and industry partners that normally face barriers to accessing these experiences can now fully participate. The project prioritizes historically underrepresented demographics in the industry, including female, BIPOC, and socioeconomically disadvantaged students.

For more information about Toronto Metropolitan University’s Architectural Science program, visit their website: