Discovering the startup world through co-op

A new co-op program at the University of Ottawa is giving students a taste for entrepreneurship. These co-op placements are aimed at helping students who may not be ready to start their own business gain experience working at a startup. In early 2017, half a dozen students are expected to work at various startups across Ottawa before that number rises to close to 50 the following year.

Thanks to a financial contribution by RBC, students with an entrepreneurial mindset have the opportunity to go outside traditional paid co-op placements and experience the ups and downs of working for a small business or startup. Students become an active participant in Ottawa’s business ecosystem and graduate with the skills needed to start their own companies.

“The program is really unique in that it gets students thinking in the entrepreneurial mindset and about whether or not they can be entrepreneurs”, said Marc-André Daoust, associate director of CO-OP programs.

For more information, see the official announcement

News Date: September 27, 2016