More often than not WIL is thought of as a structured work experience resulting from a partnership between a post-secondary institution and an employer. But a WIL experience can take many forms. It can take place at the course, program, or co-curricular level. And it can provide value to the student, employer, and maybe even to an entire sector in myriad ways. 

If you’re new to WIL and would like to learn more about the different WIL types, check out our WIL 101 page and WIL Types pages below. Explore the benefits of WIL to your organization through our Employer WIL Benefits at a Glance infographic. Have you heard about WIL, but you’re wondering which WIL type would best suit your organization? Try our Find Your WIL tool. Are you an experienced WIL provider and would like to share a success story? We’d like to hear from you! Explore our WIL success stories page below and share your own.