BHER brings together the country’s leading companies and post-secondary institutions to help Canadians achieve their potential. We connect, convene, communicate, and collaborate to support talent development, innovation, and the sustainability and growth of Canada’s businesses.

Work-integrated learning (WIL) is a tried and tested way to prepare the next generation of workers for the world of work and build a more resilient, inclusive, and future-proof economy.

Students gain real-world experience and skills development, while employers gain access to new ideas and new talent pipelines. BHER is committed to ensuring every post-secondary student has access to a quality WIL opportunity before they graduate.

Doing that means creating pathways, building capacity, and changing systems to foster a sustainable WIL ecosystem in Canada. It means building the tools and resources employers need to explore, invest in, or create access to quality WIL. Scroll down to learn more.

We hope you’ll find what you need on BHER’s national WIL Hub. Soon we’ll be adding new resources, especially around equity, diversity, and inclusion, rural, remote, and Northern communities, and mentorship. Stay connected to learn more and reach out to partner or share your own resources and success stories.