We asked employers across Canada about the benefits and barriers to investing in WIL. Benefits ranged from the financial ROI through to developing a skilled talent pipeline, and increasing productivity and innovation. But they also told us it was difficult and time consuming to calculate what those investments were actually worth. And harder still to identify the various opportunities to apply for financial support. 

BHER built an evidence-based planning calculator to help employers estimate their costs and identify the benefits of investing in WIL. Below you’ll find tools and resources, including an interactive calculator, to help you build the business case for investing in WIL. Through our ROI guide and ROI calculator, you’ll be able to understand and visualize the different factors informing the ROI on your WIL investment. Also, check out our comprehensive catalogue of financial supports programs available to you regionally and federally. We’ll update it regularly, so check back often.

How to calculate your ROI

Learn how to develop an ROI framework for your WIL program.

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ROI: Beyond the Numbers

Learn about the factors that impact WIL's ROI.

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ROI Calculator

Want to calculate your WIL program's ROI?

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Invest in WIL

Find which WIL financial supports are available to you.

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