Example of an apprenticeship experience

Brittany is studying to be a hairstylist in Alberta. Over the course of two years, she spends 1400 hours doing on-the-job training in a salon, under the supervision of a licensed hairdresser and mentor, as well as time in class. During her apprenticeship, Brittany learns the ins-and-outs of the business and gains the skills necessary to do complex work - all while getting paid.

Benefit to employers

  • Tried and true method of recruiting and maintaining talent
  • Apprentices that graduate into journeypersons have better health and safety performance, greater overall productivity,
  • Higher sales and profit - according to the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, for every $1.00 spent on their apprentice program, they receive a return of $1.47 back

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Benefit to student

  • Often mandatory part of becoming certified in the skilled trades
  • Build relationship with workplace mentors
  • Earn salary during education