Policy networking: By interns, for interns

On Wednesday night, the Business/Higher Education Roundtable and the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E) hosted an event intended to group together interns working in the policy, advocacy, or nonprofit space. The event, “Policy n’ Pub: Intern Edition”, was planned entirely by interns, and was hosted at The Pilot on June 26th.


The event was planned when the intern teams at BII+E and BHER agreed that there was an opportunity for interns working in the policy space to connect. The interns responsible for organizing the event, Leanna Vu, Stephanie Fielding, and Julia Göllner, wanted to provide a space where folks could discuss their experiences and grow their networks with other like-minded young professionals. 

“Policy work is present within all fields, and the work attracts such like-minded people. We wanted to plan an event that allowed for people from a variety of organizations, both public and private, to meet.” – Julia Göllner, intern at BHER. 



A few days prior to the event, registration reached just under one hundred attendants – indicating to the organizers that there was a genuine interest and excitement for the idea. The interns at both BII+E and BHER felt as if the event was filling a gap in opportunity for those currently interning in the policy space.

The interns in attendance networked and mingled for just under two hours, many commenting on how they thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The success of this event has led the teams at both BII+E and BHER to consider the possibility of similar events in the near future. 


“The Brookfield Institute’s mission is to create actionable insights for innovation policy in Canada, we take pride in bringing data to life. We were happy to put on this event with the next generation of policy influencers, because it’s them that we create the research for” – Coralie D’Souza, Director of Communications, Events + Community Relations at BII+E

“You don’t find things like this anywhere, I have been waiting for an event like this for four years”. – Nana Ama, former OPS intern and event attendant. 


News Date: June 28, 2019