Two internships are better than one for this McGill student

Vanessa Jones graduated in the spring of 2016 with a degree in software engineering from McGill University. During her degree, she did two paid internships in Montreal, one in software quality assurance at Matrox and the other in software development at Autodesk.

See how these experiences transformed her career:


At Matrox, the team gave us a lot of training, which was great. As a software engineering student, I didn’t know a lot about hardware, but I got to know computer chips and cables inside and out. We were also given many learning opportunities outside of our normal expected tasks because they wanted us to go back to school with as much industry knowledge as possible. The emphasis was truly on work-integrated learning.

At Autodesk, we were immediately integrated into the team of developers. I worked on a computer graphics program called 3DS Max, which is used to create video games, TV commercials, & architecture visualisations. I didn’t expect to be asked to contribute as much as I was and it felt great to see my code being used in the project. This made me gain a lot of confidence in my coding abilities and I was able to learn how to write clear and concise code. I also saw how the Agile methodology is implemented in the industry after seeing it in class.

Overall, my internships allowed me to find out what I enjoyed doing and what kind of job I wanted after graduation. I love coding but I realized that I don’t want to do it from 9 to 5 – I am interested in the business side of things as well. During the last year of my degree, Deloitte offered me a job, and I started as a business technology analyst in September 2016 in the digital team. I work on digital transformation projects where I work with clients to define their needs and work on the implementation side of things too! Each day is a different challenge, which I really like. 

News Date: January 11, 2017