Earlier this year, students in Psychology, Child and Youth Study, and Education hosted a homework support program for Syrian refugee children. Student volunteers, with the support of faculty, hosted weekly drop-in sessions for children at nearby Duc D’anville Elementary School, during which they provided help with school work and helped immigrant families make additional connections with the community.

The service-learning support program is a way for Mount Saint Vincent students to gain hands-on experience related to their studies while making a positive impact on the success of participating children. Students have experience working with children and provide guidance in interpreting homework requirements. These sessions are also a place for children to practice their English language skills, make new friends and learn strategies for navigating language barriers.

Sara King, a coordinator of the program and Assistant Professor in the School Psychology Program says, “Students need to understand the whole context of a person. Coming out, even an hour a week, and learning more about a kid is going to broaden students’ perspectives when they go out and actually start working.”

To learn more about the after-school program, see the official announcement.