Canada’s largest paid internship program leaves lasting impressions

The Professional Experience Year (PEY) is the largest paid internship program in Canada. In 2014-2015, over 720 students participated in full-time work placements lasting one year or more.

Engineering student, Cassandra Rosen from the University of Toronto describes her PEY at the Pickering Nuclear Generation Station as nothing short but invaluable. “There’s something about getting to walk through it, seeing each part in action and how they relate to each other, that’s way more powerful than reading about it in a book”, said Cassandra.

While she loved the practical aspect of her job, Rosen says it was the multidisciplinary background she brought to the role through her major in energy systems engineering that added value for her employers.

“The breadth of opportunities available through PEY are a big part of what makes our undergraduate experience so unique,” says Thomas Coyle, vice-dean, undergraduate studies at U of T Engineering. “It gives students a new perspective and prepares them to be innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.”

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