Université Laval joins the Business + Higher Education Roundtable

OTTAWA – The Business + Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) is pleased to welcome Université Laval to its growing membership.

Université Laval is one of Canada’s top universities. Université Laval’s commitment to integrating experiential learning into every program, supporting internationalization, equity, diversity, and inclusion, lifelong learning, and the digital transformation aligns with the priorities of our members and so much of BHER’s work.

“I’m thrilled to have Université Laval join BHER’s membership, but especially Laval’s Rector Sophie D’Amours, an important voice and female post-secondary leader in Canada. Our partnership with Sophie D’Amours and her incredible, world-leading institution, not only deepens our connections in Québec but allies us with an institution that’s tackling broader social and economic challenges provincially, nationally, and internationally,” said Val Walker, CEO, BHER.

BHER is committed to connecting and convening with purpose to lead Canada’s conversation on skills, talent, and innovation, while also addressing emerging skills and talent initiatives including: net-zero, accessibility, international talent, and upskilling/reskilling.


Sophie D’Amours, Rector of Université Laval

“New challenges are emerging, both in higher education and in the profoundly changing world around us. Université Laval is committed to helping address them. To achieve this, we need to attract and train new talent, and encourage more sharing of perspectives and knowledge, so that together, we have what we need to innovate and prepare for the future. Our collaboration with BHER and its members will be a lever and mechanism to drive change.”


About the Business + Higher Education Roundtable:

The Business + Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization bringing together some of Canada’s largest companies and leading post-secondary institutions. Since 2015, BHER has worked to harness the strengths of Canada’s business and post-secondary education sectors to build opportunities for young Canadians, boost innovation and drive collaboration. Learn more at

Media Contact:

Nina Lewis, Manager of Communications


About Université Laval:

Located in the world heritage city of Québec, Université Laval is the first French-language university in North America. It is one of the world’s top 20 French-language universities according to leading university rankings and one of Canada's top research universities, ranking 6th among the country's institutions of higher learning with a research budget of $515 million last year. Université Laval has over 9,670 employees, including 4,075 professors, lecturers, and other teaching and research staff who share their know-how with more than 56,000 students, more than a quarter of whom are enrolled in graduate studies. Université Laval is the first voluntarily carbon-neutral university in the country and it currently has more than 335 000 alumni.

Media Contact:

Andrée-Anne Stewart, Manager of Public Relations