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Luther College is a federated college at the University of Regina, the leading experience-based learning university in Saskatchewan with an established reputation for excellence and innovative programs. One of Luther College’s flagship programs is the Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Studies Network, a community-driven network made up of professionals from the non-profit and voluntary sector, University of Regina students, faculty members, staff, and campus partners. Their mandate is to provide sector-driven learning and networking opportunities. 

This project will integrate community service learning into all of Luther College’s Non-profit Sector Leadership and Innovation (NSLI) certificate courses. Staff will be provided the time and support necessary for this work, and community partners  will be compensated for their time  in contributing to course content and developing effective WIL assignments that address real community needs. 

Through a combination of curricular community service learning projects, and special events planned and executed by senior undergraduate social science students enrolled in curricular Arts internships, Luther College will support the climate change mitigation efforts of community-based organizations in Regina, SK and surrounding communities. A community-driven approach will be applied to develop meaningful opportunities for students to work with non-profit organizations that are addressing contemporary climate change challenges. Students will gain a greater understanding of net-zero goals and climate change mitigation challenges, as well as a better understanding of career opportunities in the non-profit and voluntary sectors.

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