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The Maple League of Universities (Maple League) is an association of four primarily undergraduate universities dedicated to fostering relationships across institutional boundaries and providing undergraduate opportunities that promote collaboration, resilience, individuality, and community engagement.

The renewed partnership between BHER and Maple League engages students from the four Maple League universities as Online Learning and Technology Consultants (OLTCs) with faculty and teaching staff. One stream centers on curricular WIL while the other allows students to participate in transformative WIL experiences to assist faculty members in adapting to new teaching contexts and help reimagine a 21st-century classroom with students as key collaborators.

This Student-as-Partners model enables faculty to adapt to new teaching contexts and provides students with a unique employment and applied learning opportunities through co-curricular micro-WILs focusing on short-term skill-building activities related to online learning, as well as semester-long curricular placements that support instructors in course design and delivery.

For more information about the Maple League and the OLTC program, visit their website: