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The PIER (Port Innovation, Engagement, and Research) is a global centre of excellence for innovation and collaboration in transportation, supply chain and port logistics, management, and development. The PIER is Canada’s first living lab dedicated to enabling collaborative problem solving between tech companies, local and global supply chain partners, researchers, SMEs, and startups to support innovation and uncover new commercial opportunities within the transportation, supply chain and logistics industries.

The PIER will be delivering a slate of work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences that will focus on building net zero-related skills in the marine transportation industry. As the transportation industry is not on the career radar for many youth, a primary aspect of the program will be to build awareness of, and interest in, the industry as it evolves and transforms towards decarbonization and net-zero goals through innovation and technology adoption.

WIL experiences will target a broad and diverse range of young talent, and will include interdisciplinary research internships, hackathons, bootcamps, and industry projects. These experiences will allow students to apply their skills and curiosity to real world projects and activities aimed at addressing the complex, practical, technical, and digital challenges involved in decarbonization. They will also integrate concepts relating to the social, environmental, cultural, and economic well-being that a decarbonized, efficient, safe, and profitable transportation industry can bring to the Atlantic Canada region.  

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