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As a top-ranked university on Canada’s West Coast, the University of Victoria (UVic) is renowned for research with a vital impact, dynamic learning opportunities, and an extraordinary academic environment. UVic’s Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) Office supports instructors, community partners, and students to create collaborations that contribute to student learning and community initiatives. The CEL Office fosters relationships, supports syllabus development, develops strategies for creating more accessible and relevant community-engaged learning experiences, and delivers learning opportunities and resources for improving community-engaged learning.

Learning about the ecological and social issues of our time can be daunting for students looking to engage these topics in a supported way. This project creates and enhances collaborations for hands-on learning with community thinkers, innovators, and activists who are addressing challenges related to climate and sustainability. 

Through this initiative, UVic’s CEL Office will support up to 75 non-profit and environmental organizations and businesses to collaborate with 430 students in the areas of green economy and innovation towards a zero-carbon economy. Each CEL collaboration will provide students with an opportunity to better understand how their studies relate to regional green initiatives, and how they can meaningfully participate in green initiatives during their studies and post-graduation.

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